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Jamaica is the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean and the third largest overall. The island spans 4,400 square miles.

Jamaica is populated by over 2 million people, largely descendents of the freed African slaves brought over to the island by the spanish and British. Jamaica is classified as a developing country.

Tourism and mining are the two most profitable economic sectors along with agriculture and manufacturing. Jamaica has been an independent country since 1962 when it ceased to be a British colony but remains part of the British Commonwealth.


Jamaica’s lush colorful landscapes act as muse for its people. These vibrant colors are reflected in the visual arts.Jamaicans have produced some of the best paintings, sculptures, and pottery in the Caribbean. Jamaican artists draw influences from their diverse culture. These colorful works of art include precious treasures produced by unconventional artists ranging from the academic to the self-taught artisan.The official language of Jamaica is English. However, most likely you will hear traces of what sounds like a foreign tongue. The language on the streets is called Patois. Patois is a combination of English, spanish. Portuguese and African phrases which sounds more rhythmic then traditional English.


My family and I have made Vancouver our home for the past 19 years and in this immensely beautiful city, I would like to implement some initiatives that will favour the growth and expansion of our Jamaican culture, trade and investment. Earlier this year I came back from Jamaica enthused and energized to make some of my ideas a reality.

I recognize however, that it is only by meeting with you, hearing your ideas and working together as a community that some of these ideas will be materialized.


Jamaica is a country of resilient people and this resilience does not go away as we leave the motherland, if anything it grows in intensity. Let’s together, make Vancouver the next Canadian city where Jamaicans will want to visit and also call home and not feel isolated. There is a huge opportunity for Jamaican products and talent in this part of the world. Let us not forget that Vancouver is the gateway to Asia and as Jamaica is a part of that global community we can benefit from that opportunity.I feel qualified to take on this responsibility and my experience of collaborating with executives in the corporate world affords me to develop and showcase the Jamaican Brand.


As I look forward to working with you, I would like to say thank you and let us bring the dynamism, the excitement and the enthusiasm which is Jamaica to our adopted country Canada and our new home Vancouver.



Wilma King-Bennett

On May 13, 2011, I was formally appointed as Honorary Consul of the Government of Jamaica in Canada with a seat in Vancouver and jurisdiction for the entire territory of Vancouver, by the Honourable Dr. Kenneth Baugh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica. It is a role that I will be taking seriously as a member of the Canadian mosaic and especially as a member of the Jamaican Diaspora living in Vancouver

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