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Youth Making a Difference 

Welcome to Aegis League! 


Aegis League was established with a simple mission in mind: Youth empowering youth to realize their potential. 

When you choose to engage in the mission of the League to better the lives of youth everywhere, you will be embarking on a remarkable

journey. The spark to build a better world begins with you and radiates far and wide to change the lives it touches.


Join the Aegis League today!  


                       Building a Better World. It's  personal. It's local. It's global. 

About Us

What We Do

Aegis League's goal is to support youths living in places and conditions that deny them opportunities to grow. We do this by providing information and resources that will help these youth explore their potential. The resources include business and life-skills training as well as micro-loan funding to help them launch small businesses and contribute back to the communities where they reside.


Aegis League also sponsors, supports and works with like-minded organizations with proven track-record in improving lives of youth everywhere. In particular, we are proud to partner with and support Streetkids International 

(now a part of Save The whose exemplary and stellar achievements in this field has won global recognition. 

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help. Your imagination is the limit! Here are a few ideas:


  • Help Spread the Word about Aegis League and what we do.

  • Participate in the Core Activities of the Aegis League i.e. providing life-skills training for youths with whom we work.

  • Support our Sponsors by purchasing their products or subscribing to their services

  • Start an Aegis League Chapter in your community and create a buzz!

  • Sign up and Become a Member of Aegis League today!

  • Start Fundraising programs to support the League's activities.

  • Donate to the Aegis League Youth Empowerment Fund. (Click on 'Donate' button at the bottom of this page) 


Advisors & Sponsors

We are proud to have the following advisors and sponsors support our cause:


  • S.S.Segran ~ Award-winning Author of the bestselling 'Aegis Novels', a young adult sci-fi adventure series and founder of Aegis League

  • Patrick Reagan ~ VP for Sharps Terminator, a medical device that saves lives by preventing injuries from the use of needles

  • Honore Gbedze ~ President, SAGE Foundation. Recepient of Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal

  • Wilma King-Bennett ~ Honorary Consul of the Government of Jamaica in British Columbia.

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